Gas pedal feels weird when accelerating

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what would the spring be part of, brake or gas pedal? It feels like its under the floor of my feet, can feel the reverb. For last couple of month i started to notice strange clunk noise while accelerating in low speeds like 10-15 mph and controlling speed by accelerator pedal. Oct 22, 2016 · Hey viewers, if you feel vibrations in your car when accelerating and braking and even coasting down the road, this will be the right video for you. The Most Common Reasons Why a Transmission Slips. AMX says he understands that the truck won’t accelerate like his old gasoline powered trucks However, now I'm encountering a recurring problem with my acceleration. though but everything feels so much better now. Just replace it with a stock N75 and you should be golden. Often, even professional repair facilities will replace a transmission rather than repair it due to the specialized skills and equipment required to service transmissions internally. The fuel pump brings gas to the engine via fuel lines. 5 that I was geting last May to around 22 the past couple months. PEDAL FEEL • Some customers may say that the brake pedal feels too high or low when applying the brakes. The mechanic is asking me whether the transmission is "slipping"? Is that what this is? I've had the oil temps as high as 200F and power feels consistent. What burns more gas, accelerating as fast as possible to 60 mph (e. 3) today something weird happened - I usually drive in ECO mode in town - I have better control of the gas and A/C down-throttling is a good thing; but I was driving with 2 passengers and who knows for what reasons, on the same route I usually get around 4L/100km, I was getting about 0,5 to 1L/100km more. seems to far down and off to the right. for the past two months I have been problems with accelerating, the car feels like it is going to stall. , blockage  May 15, 2016 It sounds like you may have a wheel bearing that is dried up internally and no longer lubricated. When I lift my foot off the pedal, the noise stops instantly. I don't think anyways lol it holds 12psi. Since it occurs randomly it will be hard to test this. But, there is not enough momentum to make it up the next hill so around the middle of the hill I must press the gas pedal. " "I think this is pretty normal in my experience. Not bumpy, but the vibration is similar. You hear squealing when you step on the brake: You’ve probably worn the brake pads down too far. I was driving yesterday and all of the sudden I felt the acceleration of my car stop. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. There can be many causes behind this jerking motion, including problems in the starting system, fuel supply, engine or the exhaust pipe. The fuel filter works by cleaning out impurities in the gasoline. sorta of like something loose was vibrating against something. 26 inches is the optimal distance that allows ample room for walking around the front of the car to the house door while leaving enough room for the garage The Pedal Commander has completely woken up the engine's response to the driver's input in that regard. if you rest your foot lightly on the brake while accelerating, it could cut But there are lots of drivers out there who actually feel more  As you accelerate, the noise gets louder—maybe it sounds like an airplane taking Coast at a set speed, let off the gas pedal and watch the RPM gauge drop. Nov 11, 2009 · I keep getting a vibration, almost feels like hitting a 'rumble strip' on the highway. I've seriously put all my weight into it once or twice and the gas pedal won't move at all. This rotor unevenness can make your brake pads grab unevenly or, without warning, making the brake pedal and steering wheel shake. It is easy to exceed the speed limit while gradually depressing the pedal down to 50%. (Doesn't sound normal) if I let go of the gas car also slows down to a complete crawl really quickly. Thanks for your question about your Ford Bronco. It’s never a solid vibration, only pulsing. Jan 07, 2014 · Over the weekend, I noticed a weird "humming" noise coming from somewhere in the vehicle (it sounds like possibly from the passenger side and from the interior of the vehicle). This issue can be a kink in the cable or the cable not adjusted for the right amount of pressure. Well you will get the maximum acceleration possible, whatever that may be give speed of the car, gear, RPM, etc. The problem worsens at 2000-2500 rpms and 50 mph. I can’t tell any difference from any of my old vacuum assisted hydraulic gas mobile brakes. 200 rpm, then go back up. It's predictable. and it just feels like The 2009 Nissan Altima has 19 problems reported for shuddering and hesitation while accelerating. However most people are uncomfortable without the traditional shifting of the transmission. It feels  Feb 10, 2010 on the gas pedal -- actually driving an NHRA top-fuel dragster or funny car is The acceleration is so intense at the start that “the first 100 feet the front The G- forces then slam into the driver, a feeling that legendary drag  Jun 29, 2005 This morning a very strange and scary thing happened. Related Articles. If your car has no power when accelerating it may be best to have a mechanic troubleshoot the issue. I have had the incident of the gas pedal sticking causing the vehicle to accelerate on its own while trying to stop. Jul 12, 2014 · I'm starting to think this mod has more effect for a V6 like mine than a V8, where the difference seems less pronounced. I tried searching for this problem and the The gas pedal is locking up when trying to accelerate from a stop. My car starts well, no weird lights/signs on the dash board, but when I press the accelerator paddle (it feels free), the car does not accelerate at all, the engine RPM also does not go up, it remains 1000. Average repair cost is $2,500 at 79,650 miles. For those of you who have driven carbureted cars, it sort of feels like it has a bad accelerator pump. It almost feels as if it's coming from the engine, which runs pretty rough just at that 2,000 RPM spot. Jul 20, 2017 · For the next Leaf, Nissan ups the regeneration to the degree that it can stop the car on its own, and quickly, after lifting off the “gas. . At first I thought it might be because of the exhaust manifold or a partially plugged cat. Apr 15, 2012 · From the beginning, there was an issue with the accelerator, mainly above speeds of 35 mph. Thanks for asking us a question on our article “Why Is My Car Making a Whining Noise?”! I’m sorry you are having trouble with your power steering system, but hopefully it will be an easy fix. You could also check your logs for these events (slight knock when throttle position goes up at lower RPM). Jun 05, 2010 · Gas Pedal feels stuck when trying to accelerate? I've noticed lately that when I'm driving I'll push on the gas but the pedal doesn't move almost like it's stuck. Q5/SQ5 MKII Discussion - Clicking sound when accelerating - [First time posting] We just got the 2018 Q5 a week ago and noticed a quirk. This seems to be happening when the vehicle is first driven in the morning or after it has sit for awhile then driving again. I have three issues. On the freeway you are not going to notice a huge difference, due to a vehicle that is already in motion while you are accelerating. noticing a weird acceleration issue. If I accelerate slowwwwly, I don't have any problems. Foot pain from driving is a very common condition, suffered by both beginner and experienced drivers. Any advice would be great. The car never sputters, jerks, or has any other symptom besides no response when the gas pedal is pressed. • Once the shaking begins, it continues to do it intermittently and not continuously. Clutch engages normally just the pedal feels like there is an air leak or something Apr 19, 2013 · I've noticed this. It feels and sounds like I am driving over rumble strips whenever I have the gas pedal depressed. • The shaking happens when you are accelerating (mildly, not hard acceleration) and it stops when you let go of the gas pedal. weird slipping/resistance feeling when accelerating. With the car off, push the pedal lightly down until it stops, then push harder and the pedal clicks and continues travel. . it has a delay tho, so i just make sure to tap the gas once in a while if im on a slight down hill. 2000 Camaro 6 cyn fuel injec it idles fine but when you push on gas pedal feels like the car starts to jerk the rpm goes up to 4000 and you are only goin 20 to 30 mph max wont go any faster than that? I have a 2006 mercedes c350 and when i start to give it throttle there is a vibration and the car feels unnatural. Identifying Weird Car Noises. 0 TFSI 211ps - manual transmission, with 11K on the clock has developed a weird acceleration issue. So there could def be some rotational free play in my driveline. May 30, 2015 · There is a very slight vibration in the gas pedal, seemingly at all times. This sounds weird, but its almost like a tiny shock that went up my leg. Apr 09, 2016 · Will as you see my car does crazy things hand brake and abs lights on sometimes battery light comes on too , also iam pressing on gas pedal it doesnt go over 2rpm. Your brake pedal should be firm and the brakes should feel solid and apply gradually. was a click feeling under my foot that my right was resting on our gas pedal keeping  Feb 16, 2012 Tell me if this sounds familiar… You're driving along in your vehicle, and everything seems fine – until you start up a hill, or try to quickly pull out  97 chevy blazer 4. What it lacks in gas mileage, it more than makes up for in durability, suspension, power, and torque. Also if i push her too much to go faster too quickly it starts acting like the transmission is slipping. Jun 23, 2015 · At 45 -55 mph there is a vibration in the steering wheel, gas pedal, shifter. Right before stopping it seems to release but if you decide to let it roll and press the gas again it re-engages, thus the jerk. I tested its highway speed acceleration and thought it accelerated really well from 60 – 80 mph. The RPM goes up and down by its self without my pushing on the gas. I experience what feels and sounds like the turbo goes on/off multiple times during acceleration. Jan 27, 2012 · Anything affecting the engine's ability to take in air or fuel will cause the car to stall as well. It only happens when I’m pushing the gas pedal, so when accelerating and when cruising with my foot on the gas (no matter how lightly). As for "accelerating like crazy". Ive been dealing with this sputtering misfiring for a very long time, I dont even remember what my truck used to run like. Why Does My Automatic Transmission Act Funny? Jul 2, 2015 The idea of hitting the gas pedal when you mean to hit the brake might sound far- fetched. When you step on the gas pedal of a car with a continuously variable transmission, you notice the difference immediately. Drives real nice but when I get to 55 it has a pulsating vibration thru the pedal and you can almost hear it. The transmission hesitates (I believe to downshift) for at least a second then jerks the car rather hard and makes a Apr 19, 2019 · Also, Honda did a superb job engineering brake pedal feed back that feels just like regular hydraulic brakes. com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. I unscrewed my drain plug for the gear oil and it was swimming in metal. What happens is, while driving, I notice that the accelerator pedal becomes hard (requires more force than usual to press). g. There are many things that could cause a car to stall, with solutions ranging from simple to complex. can that be the issue?. It's an '01 V70 XC with 135,000 miles on her. However when I drive it on the road it is sometimes hesitating to accelerate when I press the gas pedal and I also feel a hesitation when I take my foot off the gas. When accelerating after just starting up the car, at about 20 miles/hr the gas pedal feels a couple of clicks. Problem is a lot of them think they are not pushing down on the brake pedal, but they are, at least enough to turn on the brake lights. Feb 02, 2018 · Left my garage/driveway, very gently pushed the pedal and the truck shot forward like I had floored it. The carrier bearing in the front differntial where wearing out. Also at this point, the car feels like I have it in low gear when I press or release the pedal. A defective fuel pump can also cause similar symptoms. I often get slight knock when accelerating more than just touching the gas pedal at lower RPM in higher gears. Here's a video I found of an Accord CVT accelerating. Then when I go to move it back to the gas pedal, I am fishing for it as it is too low relative to the brake pedal. I know this is a broad and common question but Im at a loss. I do not notice this under high rpm >3000 rpm or when in gear 4 or 5 (maybe because of momentum). I'm facing a weird issue in my 2006 swift Vxi (petrol). The next thing I tried was in neutral. i heard a weird sound from probably the right side of the dashboard. As the surfaces of rotors wear down over time they become uneven. More in the gas pedal than the brake I've noticed. Oct 21, 2011 · my older civic does this as well, i used to pop it into neutral to see if it was the trans or brakes dragging me back. I believe with the gas pedal depressed, the fuel line pressure will be greater so that it can push enough gas through the clog to keep running. Then, after releasing the pedal, the engine races before coming back to the regular RPM. Look that the hoses that connect the engine to the air box, where the filter is located. Its until i press harder on the gas pedal to pass the 3000RPM that it starts running like normal. Apr 13, 2018 · The owner of a 2018 Ram 2500 diesel is concerned about what he perceives as a lag in the throttle. 00. I had no idea what CVT was or how it behaved but reading the discussion here go me curious how it feels like one gear. weird thing is, my ram 1500 with a manual trans will do the same thing. Ever since then I do some start-up ritual as I know that the PC has some kind of a boot-up sequence. When I accelerate hard, the engine pulls much better than before, but it feels like something is slipping or missing if you keep accelerating. It feels fine if I'm going around town, under 35mph, but if I press hard on the pedal it doesn't feel like it's giving the car any gas. • Road test the vehicle with the customer. When I make a fast fully depress of the gas pedal, trucks seems to bog for a few moments even if you’re in park or in drive. Hello all Im trying to figure out if this is serious or a quick fix Car 2000 audi A4 B5 Quattro automatic US spec At around 30-40mph while accelerating I let off the gas pedal for a second then press the gas pedal hard again. vehicle on the highway feels like im constantly being rear ended upon pressing the gas pedal and accelerating at higher speeds/gear. 5. Oct 13, 2011 · It only seems to happen when I've pushed the gas pedal down more than a quarter of the way or its really bad if I floor it. You can feel it in the sterring wheel slightly also. It feels like a U joint is going bad, very annoying. Just feels like something that is supposed to be held on by 3 bolts is being held only by one, and its rattling / thudding around under my feet. Definitely weird feeling how on auto it just keeps accelerating and revs keep building until it just stays at right before redline Jun 18, 2010 · I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ with a V6 engine. new 14 cruze ls auto. brake pedal pushes back when stepped on throttle accelerator pedal position sensor code p0123 accelerating question (pedal depressing) found it easy Jun 09, 2018 · Is your Toyota vehicle experiencing delayed-engagement when shifting from Reverse to Drive? After driving Toyota vehicles for over 11 years, starting with a 2005 Toyota Tacoma, followed by a 2010 Toyota Tundra, I have bragged over and over to my friends about how reliable vehicles they are. The vibration and shaking you feel from this problem will often happen when you brake at highway speeds. And ideas what it could be? Driveshaft, u joints, transmision, differential? The issues I have in relation to gas pedal movement is more like a gyration or lateral movement but only when I hit a bump and it's difficult to duplicate on command. I have not found a picture of a diesel fuel filter in your site and I'm wondering what they are talking about since the gas fuel filters are made from metal. I will try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from today when I drive it to work. Perhaps I'm just very sensitive as I had someone else drive it and they claimed they didn't notice a thing. Sep 01, 2018 · Tire usually the reason making car vibrates when accelerating >> Finding cheap used cars from reliable Japanese sellers? Click here << These are one of the main reasons for a car shakes when accelerating. The result can be an engine that bucks, shakes and rattles when accelerating or shifting. The noise does not occur when the car is in reverse, only when the gas pedal is pushed down (loudest) in drive or when in park. So when the stoplight turns from red to green, you punch the gas pedal, hoping to sail through the intersection a little, um, faster than usual. If you suspect that there might be a problem with your clutch there is an easy way to determine whether that’s where the issue is. It is weird because I feel like it is slower accelerating from 30 – 50 mph than it is accelerating from 60 – 80 mph. A couple car rentals back we had a car that had a real crappy loose and light gas pedal, and so when Econ Button is for the people who has a heavy foot starting from 0MPH. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician and has bruised knuckles to prove it. There will be this clicking coming from the pedal itself. With the car running, have a friend abruptly press and release the throttle (gas) pedal. 5. Mine happened after driving on the highway for a couple hours, i downshifted to get on off ramp and noticed a really weird resistance from the clutch pedal. It sounds like a Harley… or a bad muffler, but the sound is clearly coming from the front of the car. I can press it down to the floor and it doesn't give it power. For a month or so I was getting a weird vibration in the GAS PEDAL. The one thing we forgot was how picky people are when looking at used cars. Occasionally it goes away, either that or I forget about it lol. I bought the car used and have no idea if it has any software on it. The first thing you should check is if they are firmly attached to the wheels. Reading about the symptoms of low fuel pressure, it does not sound like it. It keeps doing it idk why. I hear it a lot because I drive in the city a lot. There is something weird that happens when accelerating hard and the engine goes past 4000 RPM. start out and it shifts from 1st to 2nd fine. What kinds of repair services can fix noises that happen when accelerating? The kinds of repairs needed will depend on the cause or causes of the noise. Dec 08, 2010 · Weird Feeling When Accelerating my C300. It's Monday morning, and you're on your way to work in your trusty car and truck. while in 2nd and still accelerating, the rpm drops a few hundred rpm momentarily then jumps back up. The engine revs up toward the rpms at which it produces the most power, and then it stays there. shifts fine on normal roads but only notice on the highway especially in trafiic with stop go shifting. Otherwise I need to mash the gas pedal to get the car to drop down to a lower gear. It almost feels like the RPMs are in stages instead of smooth. The RPM's just seem to hang and then very slowly rise till about 3000 then they shoot up at the same time my speed slowly increases however at first I lose a few km/hr and the motor seems as though its missing, this Driving with one foot on each pedal respectively drastically increases your chance of accidentally braking/accelerating when you panic, which makes you more likely to get into a car accident. but i didnt notice it at the dealer cuz the radio was on Jan 26, 2019 · Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive business with Honda. It’s been about 1/2 months now and I’ve noticed a wobble/vibration, towards the front left axle when I accelerate and the steering also feels weird going around corners sometimes. If you notice a humming noise that increases in intensity as the engine rises in speed, it points to a malfunctioning transmission pump or pump shaft. Sep 16, 2019 · How to Fix a Car That Stalls. First gear is fine accelerating SOLVED Something is humming and slowing my Jeep SOLVED! My gas pedal was also vibrating more than I've ever noticed before too. At the time I commented on occasion I felt a vibration in the gas pedal. Impaired fuel delivery can be traced to a clogged filter, too. I love my truck, but have noticed a slight pedal vibration in the accelerator pedal. The only Jan 22, 2014 · Howling under acceleration at various speeds, however, indicates that the gears are already worn out or are out of alignment or depth with each other. I cannot hear any noises and can distinguish the vibrations from when my MDS kicks in. I have the 1. When I brake, the noise stops, and then picks up again when I hit the gas pedal. Thats about all I know. Aug 06, 2010 · Hard to tell exactly where it's coming from but I only hear it when I give it gas. I get a pretty hard and noticeable gas pedal vibration when accelerating through the 2,000 RPM mark and once I've reach cruising speed and happen to be in 3rd gear with the engine resting at 2,000 RPM. I need to floor it as it feels like I am dragging something. The ECU checks ignition, fuel trim, cat efficiency, lambda sensors, PCV valve operation and EVAP purges. It appears to be more pronounced when I am going faster and in a higher gear. MB Medic [mercedesmedic. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Saturn VUE based on all problems reported for the VUE. When I accelerate it vibrates the entire front end when I let go on the gas pedal it's smooooth and when I step on it again it back to vibration. It drives at that very low speed ( 5-10 mile/hr or so) even in the reverse gear, so transmission seems OK, although not sure. Its a 2007 6 speed and when accelerating in gear: the car would rev up and lack power almost as if the clutch is seriously slipping. I was sitting in my car and it started to sound funny, so I tried to rev it up by pushing the gas pedal. Failure to replace the filter can result in poor fuel flow from the gas tank to the engine; this might manifest as a chugging effect. The engine revved loud at about 4k rpm for a second. com] is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz automobile manufacturer, a Daimler AG company. I thought it's the tires and rebalancing did that Still the same. Mar 16, 2016 · Also when accelerating the car vibrates very noticeably - I can feel it in the steering column and the gas pedal. 5 Sounds that Signal your Car Needs Auto Repairs. • This may indicate the brake system needs service or it may be the result of the customer comparing the feel of the brakes in a new car with the feel of the brakes in a previous car. A slightly higher pedal resistance can be felt). The revs would gradually increase as the car sits at the same speed. 3 idles great but upon acceleration it starts to surge, I press the pedal for more gas and I feel like I'm going nowhere, almost like I've flooded the car. I put it in drive and hit the gas pedal. Unusual brake noise or braking behaviors should serve as a warning that one of the most essential systems on your car is malfunctioning. ” Of course, that’s if the driver chooses to. so when i push the pedal it feels there is a play in some kind of drive shaft in rear. RPM is about 2000 so it good. As I stated before, I tested the clutch, easing up on the pedal into 1st gear from a stationary position either on level ground or uphill, and the clutch does grab. Once at 60 everything seemed normal, normal RPMs and no weird sounds. If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal when you hit the brakes you can bet on Acceleration Vibration. However, there are a number of reasons why you might be suffering from this kind of pain, which can make it hard to resolve. I hit the gas pedal a little & it revved right up. Goes away at 65 It’s worse pulling my 16 ‘ trailer. Mar 29, 2019 · Issues with your transmission can be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to repair for the average hobby mechanic. If the accessory drive system is the root that car makes rattling noise when accelerating, you can remove the belt and spin each of the pulleys to see if anyone wobbles or feels loose. Makes a huge difference in how fast you can go from gas to brake but also gives you the ability to use both at the same time which can be of great help. I noticed recently my EX-T was being jerky when in stop and go traffic. Thanks for your input and advice! After those 15 seconds it finally went above 3500 and got up to 60. It's slight, but I notice that while it's trying to speed up, it feels as though I&#39;m tapping on the gas pedal intermittently, rather than holding it down to accelerate. A car that jerks when accelerating, when starting the engine or even while driving at constant speed is showing symptoms of a problem. Sometimes just once, sometimes many times in a row. Research the 2020 Volvo XC90 at cars. Get them replaced immediately. You're running a little late, but sitting in pole position at the last light before hitting your employee parking lot. Can anyone, or is my Clarity just blessed with perfect brakes? I dare anybody to offer up a PHEV that has brakes as smooth as the Clarity. My gas pedal started to feel like something was grinding against it these past few days. Also sometimes when im driving i get this problem like if car is getting pulled. I bought my 07 Toyota Camry a little under a year ago. It's almost as if the pedal is weaker. 4 V-6 tacoma, s/c. So far I haven't felt any dead spots. Truck feels better that stock; these S10 trucks seems to loose power as they get aged. I had work done on the passenger side wheel (struts and suspension) could it be this? The grinding feeling come I use a 2007 Camry,my battery ran down and after jump starting,the car came on and just won’t accelerate at all,flat on 0,the gas pedal seems for fancy,I asked a mechanic to check,he said fuel pump,and next thing he said the gas pedal has to be replaced that he found out the car pumps fuel just fine,I asked him to return the pedal and I’ll Jun 06, 2016 · It could be anything, literally, anything. try coasting more or accelerating for longer if possible. Spark tables are very conservative. Leafs are fine, the banging If I press the gas pedal down 1/4 or less then the car hesitates. Shift to 4th gear and increase engine speed to 4,500 rpm and hold for 30 seconds. Jan 10, 2014 · As I accelerate to get on the highway i feel it and when accelerating to change lanes. Acura MDX Shudder or Vibration While Driving at Speeds Between 35 and 40 MPH - 223 reports. If I put it to the ground it feels like I'm slowly accelerating. After replacing the O2 censor twice and another censor the measures the amout of gas that come out when you accelerate and a censor that measures the volocity when you turn and the fuel pump. At the bottom of the two hills the car has momentum from going downhill so no pressure is being applied to the gas pedal. However, the times I accelerate slowly it would do this. i regularly Hey guys anyone else notice a high pitch whistling noise coming from the engine bay when accelerating lightly with the windows down? It gets louder and softer with the RPM but if you accelerate hard it goes away. I had been noticing that while driving and coasting and then go to accelerate it feels weird. It does so only momentarily before going Most apparent when coming up to speed on the highway or slight acceleration at highway speeds (>60 mph), engine revving between 2k to 3k rpm. The vehicle just coasted. Jul 27, 2015 Mazda's Accelerator Pedal Kickdown Switch helps drivers maintain fuel As you feel the pedal become resistant, continue to push a little bit harder until This activates full acceleration rather than maximizing fuel efficiency. The pedal travel for the gas is plenty. I have had it into the dealer a number of times and they can't find it and now say that they can not feel it. It's only when you push the pedal lightly. I have a manual in English here but it doesn't show the fuel filter on a diesel. You aren't alone, mine kind of feels similar, like most of the time there is an extremely TINY feeling of slip somewhere in the drive train when first starting off sometimes I wonder if it's just my seat moving a hair, there is a bit of slop in the seat rails on mine and the seat can move a hair fwd and back. At cruising speed (65 mph) release the gas pedal to maintain my speed. But I would try slightly depressing the gas immediately when the car starts and see if you get the engine stuttering. Hey car experts, maybe you can help me with my problems. Yeah definitely at low speeds. As far as your snide "butt dyno" comments, the gentleman that started this whole modification was measuring results thru an interface to his laptop, and had actual timings, to the tenth of a second, before and after. For me this all depends on the car, and how well the gas pedal "feels" when I am wearing shoes. A soft, spongy feel in the brake pedal is a sure sign of a problem in the hydraulic system. The Five Overlooked Car Maintenance Items How Preventative Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Catastrophic Repair Costs Nov 09, 2018 · Open the hood and inspect the V-belts when the engine is off and running. Gas mileage (highway) has dropped from 25. It does feel weird and the first time I have ever heard of a vehicle doing this, its good to know I'm not the only one having this issue accelerating with the gas pedal. I may be accelerating after its been shaking and Jan 15, 2015 · A while back, I posted a review of my 2015 in the 2500 section. I can feel the power build up from tip in regardless of the gear I'm on. Here it is 2016 in April and I am posting on here on behalf of my boyfriend who has my old car/my mother's old car. I found in stop and go using ECO mode helps smooth things out since the gas pedal is essentially less sensitive. Oct 07, 2008 · A clogged air filter or fuel injector can be issues that will affect your vehicle's acceleration. The engine was not cold, but did i damage the engine? My 2010 Audi A5 2. Using it could void your vehicle warranty. Econ seems to not hurt acceleration too much, instead turns back the climate control and avoids using gas engine. As soon as i give it gas and i feel it accelerate everything vibrates. its a very fast vibration, not one that you would get with unbalanced tires. When I am driving anywhere over 40mph and I completely let off the gas pedalI get this really loud rumbling noise and it shakes the jeep pretty good. The boring old brake pedal still exists for those weirded out by the trick e-Pedal, but it’s clear where Nissan’s enthusiasm lies. There is also a weird sound at the front of the intake manifold, it sounds as if plastic was getting thrown around in the manifold. But when I drive the wifes envoy, it isn't there, so I'm not imagining it. Shaking When Accelerating I noticed an oil leak near the front left driveshaft, turned out to be a seal that had been broken or had broke during the clutch change. it completely goes away when i let off the gas and if i keep the same speed and rpms. The The 2012 Ford F-450 is a serious truck with major towing and hauling capacity. when I tap the gas it feels like the drive train picks up slack for a quick second then catches. If you hear grinding sounds when you apply pressure to your brake pedal, it means the pads weren’t replaced in 1999 Toyota rav 4 accelerating problem It now seems as though when the gas pedal is not working I hear a pop sound from under the front of the car some where Re: EZGO RXV 08' Extreme Jerking when pressing the gas pedal I do not think the speed sensor is "out of the loop" while in tow mode, as the Curtis controller has a "max towing speed" parameter (think its set to 12. When you press down on the clutch pedal, it causes the cable to pull on the linkage so that the clutch becomes disengaged. Whenever you took off from rest, the harder you jumped on the gas pedal the deeper and longer the hesitation. When I let go it would go away for a sec then come back. I have a 97 3. don't know if there is a coil spring that is getting partially caught on a lip and then shaking/condition allows it off the lip for a sudden expansion that I'm hearing. 0. Along the same lines, often when I'm driving and release the gas pedal to coast the car feels like it's in a low gear, and will decerlerate very quickly. I've figured out that if i stop (in a safe place, of course) and cut the mercedes benz class s pedal parts for sport aluminum pedals please gas pedal occasionally sticks. Gosh I wish I can really describe it. More of a vibration shakenot like a death wobble shake. Had a friend with me in the truck which was quite embarrassing. It will go about 5 - 10 feet and hesitate, just enough to make everyone behind you think you are going and they close behind you enough to almost hit you because they don't realize the care hesitates. On: Weird noises while you’re driving are always going to keep you worried, especially if you have a 10 Most Common Transmission Problems. It is faster 100% Its feels as though as my foot is being bent towards my knees! I've tried mostly everything, moving my seat back means i can't reach the clutch and keeping my foot hovering over the top of the pedal makes my leg ache and seems quite dangerous! Every car i've driven before has a normal pedal for accelerating with that can be used easily? Mar 18, 2015 · The clutch is a part of the car which is subjected to friction on a near constant basis which means that there are many ways in which it can wear out or become damaged. if you let off the gas pedal May 28, 2019 · Power Train Problem on the 2010 HYUNDAI SANTA FE. I put fuel system The scenario is when the car goes down a hill followed by going up a hill. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Dealer says this is because of the "winter" blend of gas used in the Chicago area. at least if we owned  Nov 16, 2017 If you have an awareness of the gas pedal then you are in control of the car, if you do of the car, this gets scary, for you most likely will not feel the brake pedal eithe. 3L with 8500 miles. But, now I'm scared to drive it! Hitting the gas pedal, not getting any acceleration, and it revs. After prodding the gas pedal multiple times, it began to respond and I was able to accelerate onto the highway. Push the accelerator pedal, gently raising the engine rpm. Power continues to build up as I depress the pedal. Recently purchased a 2019 expedition platinum. Engine Hesitation when accelerating was created by Cloudsiv When I press on my gas pedal, say after making a right turn, the car feels like loss all power and then it instantly gains it back and continues to accelerate right after. It always has done this since brand new and I assumed it was just the engine conditions are just cold. It almost feels like the gear is too high for the rpm so ya can feel the motor go thru it’s cylinder cycle. If you can push the clutch pedal in and the truck will roll then you can assume your clutch is working good enough to get the transmission out of gear. Aug 21, 2008 · It reminds me a lot of my Camaro with a high stall torque converter. Keep your foot off the brake pedal. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the fuel filter at 15,000 miles. I can feel it in my foot and each time I press down. The feeling is unmistakable. , pedal misapplication), An unresponsive accelerator pedal may result from incursion: i. But when i on cruise control and press the acceleration button on my steering wheel , then I can feel that was supposed to feels like. If I let off the gas pedal, the vibration will stop. Like it gets stuck at 2100-2500RPM and it wont go up in speed nor RPM and if it feels like the car brakes and goes brakes and goes. Dec 01, 2005 · The combination of heat, vibration and oil contamination can cause the rubber bushings to deteriorate. Oct 31, 2017 · Always be aware of your surroundings while driving; if your car is making abnormal noises, including only while accelerating, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. My car use to accelerate quietly until today when all of a sudden it makes loud noise when I accelerate or hit the gas as if I have a large exhaust (but I don't) Sit in the vehicle with the engine idling and the shifter in park or neutral. Find out the top reasons why your car v Mar 10, 2010 · I do however have the touchy gas pedal upon first pressing on it to go, it will be pick up and lunge quickly when the engine is cold. Has anyone noticed that their 750 accelerates/responds differently if you push the gas pedal from the top of the pedal versus pushing it from the bottom? I'm not talking kickdown or stomping it here. com. After accelerating from a stop and shifting from first to second gear, the vehicle lost all engine power. I'm thinking it could be a transmission torque mount or some other bushing or mount? Jul 23, 2019 · 1 – Spongy Brake Pedal . Many drivers complain that the gas pedal is too hard to press at first and then slam to the floor. Put a Smart-VCM in my new to me 2016 Ody EX-L at 23k. The engine did not stall and the RPM's did not drop, but the gas pedal did not respond to input. It is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for professional automotive advice or diagnosis. --ONLY when I'm actively pressing my foot on the gas and accelerating, the car starts to shudder/wobble as low as 20 mph and the sensation gets worse the higher in speed you go (I've only tested it to 50 mph since I got the car back and it's not good at 50). Had it repaired yesterday cost my 450. Ok so this started to happen a few weeks ago. The problem could either be with your clutch or with your transmission. I will be driving and take my foot off the gas pedal, but it feels like my car still has the gas pedal on - kind of like cruise control. my passat has a weird thud on accelerating and letting off gas 1-2 seconds after I let go of the gas pedal. Sep 16, 2017 · I have 2016 prius and it has 30k miles. The problem is that when I'm driving and I give it has I can feel that the gas pedal isn't the same. Thanks! If your car vibrates while you drive, it could indicate a problem from the engine to the tires. Your tires make a weird, rhythmic sound as you drive: Check inflation, tire wear, and wheel balancing. If you notice a difference in the resistance in the brake pedal — it feels “softer,” or sinks all the way to the floor mat when you press on it — it’s a sign you need immediate service. I'm not pushing it down hard enough for a kickdown, but I've noticed pushing it from the top feels like the car gives you more. Does your gas pedal shake when you push on it? If you have odd issues with your vehicle and need diagnosis and auto repair in Palo  Can you feel it on the steering wheel, brake pedal or seat? Acceleration / Deceleration sensitive: The vibration is only noticed when the speed changes ( such  I've had since day one a vibration in my gas pedal. Apr 24, 2017 · Just get myself a 2013 Escalade EXT , and feels like a powerful engine and so far really enjoy this vehicle , but I feels weird when I engage the gas pedal , it doesn't feel that much of accelerating going on. Whereas the CSPs offered too little to almost enough. The muffler is making a weird sound too. Any advice? So that has made my car lift up a little higher and it runs great! But now my gas pedal feels heavy and car still takes time to accelerate and there's this low deep him like I'm forcing it to drive but it's driving fine. Dec 17, 2017 · The detent actually feels like the bottom of the pedal travel. Very tightly packed rumble strips as the vibration is quickly paced. I feel I have to pick up my leg to activate the brake. 5" turbo back,the high flow exhaust manifold, and FMIC make a pretty significant change in power. A "Two Footed Panic" is a thing. Hi gang, my 2014 SX has about 40K miles and has just recently started this weird thing when I am stopped and holding down the brake pedal. Acceleration is also labored. I usually just punch the gas pedal even more and it'll go away. 1. I have an unusual problem. boing!! under the brake pedal area. It took a while for me to get used to it when i switche to a wheel pedal set up, but always drove "with two feet" on the ds4 using R2 and L2. I think mine was something to do with the drive-by wire or accel pedal, not my clutch or transmission. 3) Bad Clutch Cable. When initially pressing the gas between gears 3-5 it frequently seems to completely lose power for a few seconds and stops accelerating. Mar 09, 2008 · I have a 5 speed maunal transmission. Feb 08, 2010 · The weird thing that's happening: when I stop at a red light, pressing the break down, there's like a 'skipping,' is the best way I can explain it. I has it harder and the car barely gains speed. It is a 1997 Chrysler LHS and the random accelerating just started happening last week. It's a noticeable "jerk back" feeling. Now that I think of it. This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. I have a Tucson 2009 4W 42,000 km. It's all too common for drivers to ignore minor brake noises or irregularities for too long. But the car was still on & idling! So, I turned it off for a few minutes and it started right up. Jan 27, 2013 · im gonna throw this out there because i had the same symptoms before, after talking to my dad who has a large auto wreckers (this is after a couple months of trouble shooting everything) he told me the steering boxes can fail and and drop the gears down but still fully function, so i crawled under truck pulled the skid plate stuck a prybar under the pitman arm and pulled down and the pitman Immediately, I noticed that the engine had much more power, but the power was no longer constant/secure/linear feeling. 7 Hemi has a slight vibration in either pedal (brake/gas) when accelerating and braking. If a pulley is bad, the belt will show damage in the form of frayed sides. Once I begin accellerating, it drives fine---until I take my foot off the gas. Couldn't be happier with the Smart-VCM and performance of the car currently. Doesnt matter what speed or whether the engine is warm or cold. Nov 19, 2013 · If I start it a couple more times it stays running. If you have drum brakes, brake linings that are glazed or worn can cause them to squeal as well. Q7 MKII Discussion - Gas Pedal Feedback < 20 MPH - Clicking Noise - Hi Everyone, My wife and I just bought a 2017 Q7 Prestige with the Driver's Assistance Package. My friend says that there is crack in the plastic fuel filter close to where the fuel line come in. Stalling is caused by a loss of air, fuel, or electricity while the engine is running. had a hard thumping bang into gear like the transmission bangs into gear. If the engine runs smoother under higher throttle positioning, and chugs once you slow down, replace the fuel filter. I had the same problem with my denali. My car idled rough onced and shook horribly through the whole car when I accelerated or was just pressing the gas. A very intense shudder/vibration when accelerating. General Fit Talk - Vibration feel on gas pedal at low speed accelerating and decelerating - Hi all, First timer here, I have a 2007 Honda Fit Sport  Nov 11, 2016 Every car enthusiast feels the temptation for a full-throttle blast every once in a while. The content on this website is provided for informational only. It seems most pronounced between 50-60 mph, and is intermittant. Sounds like its doing what my 95 RMW is doing, one feels a pulsating feeling under the gas pedal through your foot, and The tachometer is showing normal range for the speed. Having tried both ways I find it much easier to stop 26 inches away from the wall when going nose first into my garage with creep on. No Power when accelerating That being said I have this persistent problem when it comes to acceleration with my 370z. i have asked this on the facebook cruzetalk page, but just wanted to get opinions of you on here that don't get on that page. feels like one of those So does your gas pedal buzz or vibrate when you accelerate or is it silky smooth? Weird how different everyones cars are. Serious tail-gaiters feel they have to keep their foot on the brake pedal incase someone brake-checks them. It makes a sound like the sound a car is in neutral and you press on the gas. Average repair cost is $750 at 13,500 miles. Like while I'm pressing the break the car seems to sort of jump, if you will, sporadically. Mar 11, 2019 · Though there's much to like about the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC350e EQ Power, the plug-in hybrid doesn't add much beyond cost and complexity over the nonhybrid version. With constant pressure on the gas pedal, speed would drop approx. Turned off the engine, re-started it and all was good again. clunk clunk when i push the pedal does not happen at high speed now i want to go to the dealer it will be a The only issue with the car is that while accelerating theres a vibration, a pretty decent vibration at that. Otherwise, it's smooth. When you place your foot on the gas and lightly press again, it starts again. This has become an everyday occurrence. Perhaps even its Try not to drive the car below 2200 RPM (unless on cruise control), and then check your trims and see if this works. And it shifts fine. Apr 07, 2005 · Gas Pedal Sticking? When Ames and I decided to buy the Civic, we wanted to try to sell our 1997 Camry outright instead of trading it in. And in park or nutral it runs great and smooth with gas. Mar 23, 2015 · Honda Accord: Why is There a Grinding Noise When I Accelerate? Are you hearing grinding noises coming from your Honda Accord? This article will show you how to trace the source of the noise, and the different ways to address it. They test drove two new F150's from the lot and they both do the same thing? With some kind of test equipment they told me it was in vibration specs. Oct 10, 2018 Vibration while accelerating or climbing a hill: This is often a sign of a While you firmly hold the brake pedal, press down on the accelerator and have an Vibrations felt through steering wheel: This one can get tricky, and  Sep 1, 2016 the driver attempts to accelerate from a constant speed, as if to pass. And no I didn't hit the gear to neutral by accident or anything, it was in drive. Sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) is the unintended, unexpected, uncontrolled acceleration of a vehicle, often accompanied by an apparent loss of braking effectiveness. Drive the car in 3rd or 4th gear with an engine speed of between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm for 3 1/2 miles (no hard accelerating or erratic shifting). When I have been accelerating and come off the gas, the car makes a loud hiss that sounds like blowoff valves which is weird because this is obviously a naturally aspirated car. Determining what problem(s) your car has may seem like an impossible task, especially to the untrained eyes and ears of the average driver. When accelerating at a stop light or when slowing down to make a turn, it hesitates when stepping on it to go. Hard acceleration burns a ton of fuel (ok, maybe not for a Tesla) and Any strange vibrations, intermittent squeaks, occasional knocks,  Apr 23, 2015 I have a vibration that is felt through the gas pedal at random RPMs but most I feel it intermittently with light to moderate acceleration. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create_function() is Dec 10, 2014 · Gas pedal travel & feel The gas pedal is a lot firmer and offers various levels of tension, from too little, to too much. Then tap the gas pedal lightly to get back on speed, there is a loud grinding noise inside the engine compartment. Man this thing drives like it should now. My father checked under the hood, and checked for something causing the gas pedal to stick and nothing came of that. With the sport setting I choose for now, the truck feels so nimble and way more agile than before. Oct 24, 2019 · 2 feet all the way. There could be air or moisture in the braking system or a problem with the master cylinder. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jan 02, 2009 · I have a 2008 Silverado Ext Cab 5. An engine that hesitates when accelerating is either sucking too much air, not getting enough fuel, or misfiring. View 46 Replies Hence why it was called the gas pedal, which is a perfectly fine name for it even now. e. If i let go of the gas peddle the vibration goes away and its smooth. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process. Nothing. Im getting sick of this, in traffic, 10-20 MPH, when just touching gas pedal, it jerks front and back which is super annoying, feels like not correct torque is delivered from engine or cvt messing up. Yes, it does seem like I have to press harder on the pedal when I'm moving. Plus, with a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission, I have a vibration almost feels like a hum in the gas pedal when the vehicle is accelerating and you also feel it in the pedal when you are driving on a rough road. Apr 09, 2011 · It feels more like a video game and a bad one at that (and I have a high-end Logitech steering whee/pedal for my Windows machine with the Test Drive Unlimited games and a dozen others and that has a 6-speed plus paddle shifters along with a full clutch/brake/gas pedal setup and so I know what driving games "feel" like). And it almost sounds like the truck is backfiring through the throttle body when I do this. Then I will hit the brake and my car still wants to accelerate. earlier in the gas pedal's range of movement, based on the pedal's position or rate of change. The best thing I have found is to downshift the car manually into 5th or 4th before making a move. Car noises are not just annoying: sometimes they are a warning sign, like When a gas pedal is hard to press down, an issue with the throttle cable is the most common cause. Just recently, whenever I "let off" of the gas pedal, I feel the engine being pulled back. If the lines get clogged, the vehicle can accelerate slowly or hesitate and stall. The issue is really hard to reproduce since it occurs randomly. I let off the gas pedal then pressed it again and it was as i having odd loss of power and stearing after car Okay! today, still a bit -sigh-  Sep 1, 2018 If you are wondering why your car vibrates when accelerating, you are in You have to remove the driveshaft and feel the joint's movement. I pushed the gas down all the way and it went to about 3500 RPM. The second feels like unbalanced tires but I don't think they are out of balance. It feels weird to most drivers to have the car jump up to 3-5K and hold it the whole time while accelerating. w/ 120,000mi. After the car warms up the touchiness upon first pressing on the gas pedal goes away. it almost feels like it is shifting again, but is I think it's more of a marketing deal versus performance, because in theory the CVT offers the best performance. More like a guttural or guzzling sound. It's not accelerating as fast as it should when I press the gas pedal. It was slight at first but rather consistent while at any cruise speed when I am only trying to maintain speed (high and low 70mph and 25mph). Issues such as air in the lines, failing calipers or wheel cylinders, or a weak flex line can feel soft when you hit the pedal. gas pedal feel weird 5 Answers. Not sure if it matters for this issue, but it has 130k miles. Oct 25, 2011 · I have change out the canister and valve with it so I'm not sure if that's related to my accelerating problem. There's not more power it's just that the horses seem to be instantly ready and more than willing to go now with that device installed. (Automatic 2008 Aveo) and higher RPMs if she pressed the gas, until finally it was like the car If I'm doing 70 it vibrates and feels like its kinda grogging down. I know i have a bad passenger side CV axle gasket (on the differential). a couple times when i was steering and turning, i felt the brake pedal shake 2. But it only happens quite occasionally, like maybe once or twice in a 20 mile trip and only for a second or two each time The 2014 Ram 1500 has 19 problems reported for bump in transmission when releasing brake or accelerating. 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 QC 4X4 5. It makes that same really weird air-sucking noise. Additionally, when I took my foot of the gas at highway speeds, the car would continue, feeling like it was on cruise control. I have a 92 lincoln town car, the gas pedal has been acting weird lately. that will keep me rolling along usually. Gas pedal disconnected and unable to move car what do i do While driving my gas pedal went to the floor and stopped accelerating I noticed the pedal was wiggling and the cable connected to it wasn't doing anything either could it be just the cable or is it the pedal When I'm accelerating and get to required speed my RPM gauge either drops and steadies or jumps up then steadies back. Eventually you may end up in a situation where your car requires a hello all. Driving on the highway at 60 to 65 mph, grinding noise inside the engine compartment. May 24, 2019 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Niome Handicap Driving Hand Control Disabled Driving Handicap Aid Equipment for Vehicles, Cars at Amazon. The dealer cannot find anything wrong. For example, on the road, in 3rd or 4th gear slightly accelerating, prior to the 2nd stage opening and above about 1,800 rpm and up, there are on/and off hesitations and mild more or less forward jerking and poor acceleration as if she gets not enough gas. Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal. Jan 06, 2008 · weird pulse feeling while accelerating. When I'm driving to go on the highway if i floor it the gas pedal, It feels like the truck jumps up like its going to speed up ,but just the engine roars loud ,the rpm SLOWLY goes up and the car feels like its in neutral . What can cause this? Please tell me any and all things that might be wrong. com/public/fqh2t/wq8f0. Such problems may be caused by driver error (e. Maybe it is because the gas pedal is flimsy plastic and the brake is solid metal? Aug 28, 2018 · Assuming that’s the only abnormal symptom and that the symptom appeared suddenly instead of gradually dropping acceleration over a long time, and assuming that there are no other obvious problems like oil leaks or unusual smoke from the exhaust, i I have a 2008 Enclave with 92,000 miles. Since this occurs when initially pulling into a street or highway, it is very noticeable as I have to step on I can even make it bog by just sitting in my driveway and quickly depressing the gas pedal. To match up to what I’m used to with the CSPs, I have them set to travel a little more than half way of their full range. (or atleast it feels like). Sep 19, 2013 · Clunk from motor when going slowing down and accelerating + whining noise at 65+mph Submitted by ElectricZo on September 19, 2013 It feels like play between some gears or driveshaft. We just got back from a 1,700 mile trip and I knew i had to take care of this gas pedal lag issue on the highway. Nov 07, 2009 · Yesterday after I put a full tank of gas at Chevron in my 1994 Nissan Quest the car started to jerk around and shake. Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/forge/rossmorganco. Car now has 13,200 miles. 5mph default). The gas pedal RPM is slower and softer response, you will notice the difference when you are stepping on the gas pedal. We have this 2006 VW Jetta Front Wheel drive car. I can tell you the short ram intake, 2. 10   May 2, 2018 Political Humor · Web Humor · Weird News · Paranormal & Ghosts · Urban Legends · UFOs But instead of moving when you hit the gas pedal, your car hesitates. 3 Reasons why my car makes a squealing noise when I drive. 2- Push the gas pedal all the way to the floor as far as it will go and hold it there for Dec 07, 2013 · I get a mild grinding noise and feeling through the gas pedal from 30-40 mph and 50-60mph in my dodge caravan. I only hear the noise when I accelerate. I've noticed a strange rubbing/grinding feeling under the gas pedal when I turn the steering wheel. If rear differential noise occurs while accelerating the car only at a certain speed, it is likely because the gears have become worn due to overloading and lubrication failure. The brake pedal is too high even when set to the lowest height with the adjustable pedal. Funny air noise when accelerating. The clutch cable is what connects the clutch pedal and clutch linkage of the transmission together. But only on a warm engine. When the car is in 6th gear there is not much power available. I opened up the hood and couldn’t see anything-i think it is underneath somewhere. It may have started a few days before the trip my girlfriend said (it is her car), as she said it did the symptom of not accelerating as fast as normal. A clogged air filter, an air leak in the intake system, a dirty airflow sensor, dirty injectors, a failing fuel pump, a failing RPM sensor. I notice that when I'm accelerating it sometimes jerks. Transverse-mounted engines roll quite a bit during hard acceleration, so bad motor mounts are fairly common. No tune yet for me either. What now! The engine would idle perfectly, but as soon as you put your foot on the gas pedal, the revs would drop from 800 to about 500 rpm, then slowly build back up then from 1000 rpm everything would be fine. This can cause a vibration to be felt in many  Feb 2, 2017 Vibration felt through the floorboard can be due to tire imbalance, tire defects, or excessive radial force variation, on rear axle mounted tires. It sounds like you have air in your power steering system. It isn’t so much of a gurgling sound as if there would be water there. Saturn VUE owners have reported 35 problems related to transmission noise (under the power train category). Nov 05, 2019 · Instead, you will be left with a stiffer clutch pedal that will require more force to press down. Car problem(s) with the 2010 HYUNDAI SANTA FE. If you own a car, it probably makes noises you can't identify, but would love to fix. Creep on. I was driving in the freeway and at around 70, the gas pedal wouldn't respond, so the car started to slow down. Just some basic info about it 2013, manual, coupe, I bought it last April and it had the check engine light on it, which was a red flag, the mechanic promised me it was from the gas cap not being clicked all the way down, which I thought I was in S mode but I was in D and I accidentally shifted in N while driving and pressing the gas pedal. Keeping the gas pushed the down the same amount, the RPMS slowly fell to about 2500 RPMs before I let off. Also, pressing both at the same time damages your car, turns on your brake lights, and wastes gas. Could it - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic Apr 13, 2011 · First Post, (1999 Yukon 4 door 200k old body style). My wife recently noticed an interesting quirk with the car and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it. However, I had noticed on more than one occasion that while accelerating, 1500rpm+ range, my Sport feels like it surges with a frequency of about half/second intervals. check the magnet on the end of the drain plug for metal. The way I see it, if you have to keep your left foot on the brake pedal, you are following too close. its 2. Perhaps even its Jul 20, 2017 · For the next Leaf, Nissan ups the regeneration to the degree that it can stop the car on its own, and quickly, after lifting off the “gas. banging only happens on hard downshift when I mash the gas pedal on the freeway. One is vibration in the gas pedal when accelerating. I start noticing this around 8000 miles on the car. It may be helpful to think of your car’s inner workings as similar to that of the human body. But the car doesn't react immediately. But if you let off the throttle it disappears instantly So based on that, im having a hard time thinking that it could be cv joints or a front end problem for that matter. gas pedal feels weird when accelerating

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